About us

International publishing house est. 2003

The Times Group is an international publishing house established over 17 years ago, which works with government, multilateral organisations, academia and industry, to deliver bespoke publications for and on behalf of public and private organisations, whilst producing its own business to business periodicals serving the finance, aerospace, defence, space and security sectors.

Times Group titles are of the highest editorial, design and production quality, with many geared towards international conferences, exhibitions and events.

Our experience

Established in 2003, The Times Group has a wealth of experience in a variety of industry sectors and markets, predominantly aerospace, defence and security, financial services (wholesale and retail) - with an emphasis on (re)insurance and offshore financial services - as well as the maritime sector and in the field of aid and development. The Times Group was also involved in producing trade exhibitions in areas such as humanitarian aid and development, printing & packaging, education, environmental coastal protection, and medical and healthcare, mainly held in Dubai and India.

Business and Finance

Senior executives of the Group were formerly publishers of Global Reinsurance and editors and project managers on various annuals and periodicals, including the City of London’s annual review The Square Mile, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce publications, Arab-British Trade and the Arab-British Companies Directory.

Special projects

In addition to the aforementioned projects, they helped produced several special commemorative publications including USAAF 50th Anniversary, 1942~1992, NATO 50th Anniversary 1949~1999 (for the official Washington Summit) and One Hundred Years of Powered Flight 1903~2003 (produced in association with the Royal Aeronautical Society).


RESPONSE is a new publication – produced on behalf of UKTI by the TIMES Group – focused on proactively seeking more efficient aid and sustainable development solutions, highlighting the UK’s role and response in disaster preparedness, relief and recovery, worldwide, charting the contribution of British capabilities and expertise in cooperation with other international actors and stakeholders.

International Focus

Today, the Times Group is working with a number of governments, international organisations and various trade bodies, to raise the profile of a range of government initiatives, business activities and investment opportunities – which are making significant contributions to socio-economic development worldwide - through the production of special publications that innovatively and cost-effectively present important information and ideas to senior decisionmakers across government, industry and academia.